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Independent Material Inspection Services

Material inspection services by a McCreath professional may take many different forms. 

A field representative may be sent to look at a stockpile for the presence of contaminants.  This frequently happens when the customer suspects contamination.  Our experienced field staff can identify some alloys based on their appearance or other properties.

A field representative may be sent to look at a barge to confirm it is ready for loading.  Is the hopper clean?  Is there water in the wing tanks?  This inspection is a standard service provided any time McCreath is contracted to perform barge surveys.

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A field representative may be sent to survey a stockpile to determine the weight of material in that pile.  By utilizing standard measurement equipment, the field staff get measurements of the pile dimensions which will be used to calculate the volume of the pile.  The field representative will also determine the bulk density of the material while still on-site so that the client’s material does not need to be taken to a testing location.  The measurements and the bulk density will then be used by the office staff to calculate the volume of the pile and determine the tonnage of the stockpile.

McCreath personnel can be contracted to witness and supervise the loading, discharge, transport or sampling of material being conducted by outside agencies, whether producer, end users or third-party agents.   Our material testing labs are conveniently located at all east coast and gulf deep water ports and major river terminals and warehouses, ensuring prompt and round the clock coverage for almost all locations.  Supervision activities are conducted by qualified personnel with specific experience in handling and sampling in our material analysis labs.


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McCreath also has the ability to perform on-site material identification and semi-quantitative analysis of many materials utilizing a portable EDXRF.  In the hands of a trained professional, this instrument is capable of generating useful data for our clients that can be used to decide whether or not a representative sample should be taken and send to the laboratory for formal testing. Contact our team or call for inspections of your materials.