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Whatever the material handling problem that may arise, the probability is high that members of the McCreath staff has seen it.  Have an issue with contaminated materials or have multiple alloys accidentally been mixed together in the same bin?  Has your inventory showed significant weight loss during transportation or storage?  Does the sizing of your material upon delivery not meet specifications?  With our network of conveniently located offices in the eastern US, most client locations are not more than a day’s drive from a McCreath office.  For locations outside of our main service areas, including Mexico or Canada, we have a network of industry partners trained to our standards that can assist in those instances.

Do you have a project that benefits your organization?  McCreath has tackled many client specific projects over the years.  We developed techniques to determine slag in Ferrochrome and Charge Chrome fines.  We have determined the degradation of HBI briquettes over time due to the weather.  We have studied how dust moves from stockpiles sitting outside and how to prevent this movement by controlling the moisture content.

Material Consultant Services

The responsibility of McCreath Laboratories to provide our clients with the best possible services in the industry extends far beyond the sampling and testing of your materials.  Once an analytical report has been issued, the McCreath team of highly experienced and knowledgeable chemists, engineers and senior industry professionals are always available to assist in the complete interpretation of the testing of your materials and to assist in finding solutions maximize the efficiency of your operations.  Our senior staff is well experienced and qualified to offer expert advice relating to troubleshooting, optimization, high-level analysis and problem solving.  

Our broad knowledge base is what separates McCreath Laboratories from our competitors. Our high employee retention rate results in a seasoned staff with years of experience.  This level of experience is vital is providing our customers with prompt and valuable solutions to almost any issues.  Often, we can give them sufficient advice to mitigate the problem fairly quickly just from a phone conversation.

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Unmatched Client Service

Many of our senior staff are heavily involved in recognized industry associations and international standard committees, such as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), developing the technical specifications, sampling and analytical methods that govern our industry.  We can provide guidance in designing the best sampling options and analytical testing methods that are tailored to your individual requirements and specific location.  Additionally, we offer on-site consultations and quality auditing to determine areas of concern, offer suggestions for improvement, maximize the efficiency of your operations and minimize business risk.

McCreath and our broad network of partners are capable of providing solutions to almost any client needs.  If we don’t know the answer, we know someone who does. Contact our team today to speak with a dedicated consultant.