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Dolomite is a carbonate mineral consisting of calcium magnesium carbonate, and it is the primary component of sedimentary rock known as dolomite rock or dolostones. Dolomite refers to any substance with approximately 90% dolomite minerals. It is also very similar to another calcium carbonate mineral called calcite, which makes testing necessary to confirm its chemical makeup.

Dolomite rock or dolostone has several uses. It commonly serves in the construction industry for mortar and cement. The mineral is also a source of magnesium and calcium oxide. The agriculture industry uses the material for soil nutrients, and pottery makers use it in production processes as well.  Where Calcite is unavailable, Dolomite can also be used as a flux in the melting of iron and steel.

McCreath Laboratories Dolomite Testing Services

McCreath accredited laboratories meet ISO/IES 17025:2017 standards for material testing, including a third-party audit to determine technical competence. We have the equipment to perform various chemical and physical tests to reveal the makeup of dolomite rock or dolostone samples.

The tests cover parameters like:

  • Calcium oxide content
  • Magnesium oxide content
  • Silica content
  • Loss on ignition

Our laboratories perform bulk and small-sample testing, depending on your needs. We are one of the few testing providers with a mobile crushing unit for precision sampling. This vehicle allows us to gather samples as requested and bring them to our laboratories for analysis.

Beyond sampling and testing, we also perform consultations. These services involve expert advice from qualified team members ranging from chemists to senior industry professionals. We have the experience to offer advice on many material handling issues. Each consultation involves excellent customer service responsive to your business.

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ElementTechnique InstrumentReference Method
MgOTitration N/AEDTA
AI203ICP Thermo ICAPIn-House
CaOICPThermo ICAPIn-House
SiO2Gravimetric/ICPThermo ICAPIn-House
P2O5ICP Thermo ICAPIn-House
FeOICPThermo ICAPIn-House
Loss On IgnitionGravimetric Furnace In-House
Sieve Analysis GravimetricRotap