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Gary IN Testing Laboratory

Founded in 2008, our office in Gary, IN provides both sampling and analysis services from Wisconsin to Indiana.  The Gary fuels lab is fully equipped for the most common chemical and physical analysis of coal, furnace coke, foundry coke and petroleum coke.  Specialized testing such as ultimate analysis and elements in ash are sent to Harrisburg for completion.  Gary provides the following services:

Specialized physical testing such as Coke Reactivity Index (CRI), Coke Strength after Reaction(CSR), Micum, Hardness & Stability (ASTM Tumbler), Apparent and True Specific Gravity, Porosity, and Drop-Shatter Test are also available.

Gary is equipped with our mobile crushing units that allow most materials to be partially processed on site, increasing efficiency, maintaining sample integrity and reducing the amount of material taken off-site.

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