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McCreath Laboratories has an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited laboratory for material verification. We provide independent fluorspar testing and analysis. Testing methods include chemical and physical tests to determine a material’s characteristics. Physical tests identify vital distinguishing factors for fluorspar, including hardness, flourspar specific gravity and fluorescence. Our fluorspar chemical analysis methods can include:

  • X-ray fluorescence
  • Inductively coupled plasma (ICP)
  • Gravimetric

Our laboratory uses the latest testing equipment and methods to provide the most accurate mineral assessments. We also maintain high-quality work with a team of material professionals who hold the necessary qualifications and relevant material verification experience.

Beyond providing chemical and physical analysis in our laboratory, we also work with companies seeking sampling services. Our mobile sampling vehicle allows for gathering representative fluorspar samples that match your bulk material. We are one of few laboratories in the nation with the capabilities to perform precise bulk sampling, adding a level of quality control.

Our other mineral testing services include material inspections and independent consulting. During material inspections, field representatives can visit stockpiles to verify raw materials. We evaluate factors ranging from handling to material condition. Our consulting services assess your material handling procedures to troubleshoot and optimize your operations. With our dedicated consultants offering unmatched service, you’ll have the guidance necessary to maximize efficiency and minimize risk.

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Fluorspar is an industrial mineral composed of calcium and fluorine in proportions of 51.1% calcium to 48.9% fluorine. It is also called fluorite. The mineral often appears as vein fillings in rocks with hydrothermal activity. Flourspar also fills the fractures of dolomites or limestones.

When sold as a bulk material, fluorspar has three grades ranging in purity. Most U.S. applications use acid-grade fluorspar, the highest-grade version of the mineral. Fluorspar serves various applications, including chemical, ceramic and metallurgical. Common fluorspar uses within these applications include hydrofluoric acid production, specialty ceramic glazes and flux used in production processes for iron, steel and other metals.

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We provide excellent service and precise fluorspar verification to ensure results clients can rely on. These results assist various parties at any stage of material processing, providing independent assurance to ensure minerals meet your requirements. Contact us to discuss material verification services, or download our sample submission form to mail us your sample.

ElementTechnique Reference Method
CCombustionASTM E1019
SCombustionASTM E1019
Other tracesICPIn-House