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For modern industries, the inspection, sampling and testing of raw materials are essential for identifying the material’s quality and composition, determining its acceptability for intended use, verifying commercial contract specifications and adhering to industry regulations. A strategic combination of expert knowledge and updated technology and techniques can address quality issues, so the material performs as expected.
McCreath Laboratories is an independent, third-party ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited laboratory specializing in the complete testing, inspection and sampling of:

As a full-service facility, we can provide on-site inspection and weight determinations of your materials, fully representative sampling, and complete material preparation for analysis.

From rigorously testing your material in our internationally recognized laboratory to collecting several representative samples from your material stockpile, our professional team will provide the timely information you need to make critical decisions.

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Our main analytical laboratory in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is a fully equipped facility employing classical analytical techniques and the most advanced technology and modern instrumentation. This allows us to provide a complete range of available services that yield accurate and reliable material analysis. Our solid mineral fuels laboratory in Gary, Indiana, employs the most modern instrumentation to comply with all currently accepted ASTM and ISO methodologies. Both facilities are fully ISO accredited and comply with strict standards for quality and compliance with industry-accepted approaches and regulations to produce the best possible results for our clients.

Our laboratories have the capability and experience to analyze a wide range of raw materials as part of our mineral analysis laboratory services. Our team of highly trained and experienced chemists and technicians use a combination of classical (volumetric, colorimetry and gravimetric), instrumental and analytical techniques and the most modern instrumental and analytical techniques to accurately determine your material’s identity, quality, composition and the presence of any impurities.

Our comprehensive testing capabilities allow us to complete most routine and non-routine testing in-house, avoiding costly and time-consuming outsourcing. With whatever standard or specialty testing you need on your raw material, our experienced team of professionals can develop an analytical plan that is tailored to your specific requirements and produce precise results quickly, without compromising quality.

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The modern global supply chain means that raw materials may come from various sources throughout the world. The inspection service at McCreath Laboratories verifies that the condition, quantity, handling, transportation and storage of the raw materials meet your specific requirements and industry-standard practices. We will inspect any raw material on-site as part of our barge inspection service.

Our iron ore inspection services are conducted by trained and experienced personnel who have specific knowledge applicable to the materials, use standard procedures and are equipped with modern tools to properly assess and document the condition of and any discrepancies with your materials. Our satellite field offices are strategically located at most major U.S. ocean ports and major terminals along the central U.S. inland waterways. No matter where your material is located, a McCreath Laboratories professional can typically be on-site within hours of a request.

Because we are an independent and unbiased third party, you can have complete trust in the accuracy of your inspection results. Our field personnel are held to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity when representing our clients. Your results will protect your business interests from financial claims by managing risk and ensuring product quality. We will help ensure the specifications of your contract are met. For these reasons, our raw material inventory confirmation service will give you peace of mind.

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The client experience with McCreath Laboratories does not end with the issuance of an analytical report. Our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable chemists, engineers and senior industry professionals are always on-hand to assist in interpreting the results of your materials and navigating through any issues that may arise.

Our senior staff is well experienced and qualified to offer expert advice relating to troubleshooting, optimization, high-level analysis and problem-solving. Many of these staff members are heavily involved in recognized industry associations and international standard committees, such as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), developing the technical specifications, sampling and analytical methods that govern our industry.

We can provide guidance in designing the best sampling options and analytical testing methods tailored to your requirements and specific location. We offer on-site consultations and quality auditing to determine areas of concern, offer suggestions for improvement, maximize the efficiency of your operations and minimize business risk.

For over 140 years, our highly trained team of experts has been providing quality solutions for foundry and casting facilities, mining and solid fuels industries, raw material producers and users and material handling operations of all types. The various clients and industries we have served over our long history are almost as diverse as our services. Our hand-picked staff members have relevant degrees and are highly knowledgeable professionals. Their technical competence is only surpassed by their integrity and desire to provide the best possible services to our clients. This desire for excellence sets us apart from the competition and makes McCreath Laboratories the leader in our field.

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Between our nationally-recognized and ISO accredited laboratory and unbiased third-party opinion, McCreath Laboratories will provide you with an accurate material analysis. We serve businesses in several industries, including steel, foundry, minerals, coal, and petroleum coke, no matter the position in the supply chain. After you request testing, you will receive your results quickly to aid your decision making.

McCreath Laboratories has many locations throughout the United States, enabling prompt and efficient response to any service requests. Our satellite offices and labs and our headquarters in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, will supply you with the testing and expertise you need.

Choose McCreath Laboratories for our raw material testing services today. Contact our highly skilled team on our website to learn more about all our offerings. To submit a sample, complete our sample submission form. Our staff will respond promptly to assist with your request.

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