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Iron Ore

Iron ore naturally occurs in rocks and minerals. To yield metallic iron (Fe), it undergoes a heating process with a reducing agent such as coke or anthracite coal and a fluxing material such as limestone. In the steelmaking industry, 98% of production uses iron ore. Because this material is instrumental to the steel industry, verifying that your iron ore sample is acceptable for use and adheres to industry regulations is vital.

Due to the importance of iron ore in the steelmaking industry, it is crucial to have a third-party analysis to ensure the validity of your material. By having an accredited laboratory sample your material, you can give investors peace of mind that you are delivering the highest quality goods. Our expert team uses the latest technology to complete a thorough iron ore sampling analysis while we guide you through the verification process.

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As an independent, unbiased third party, McCreath Laboratories produces accurate results for iron ore or steel verification. We hold our field personnel to the highest levels of professionalism and integrity when interacting with clients. At McCreath Laboratories, we understand that our testing services are essential to protecting the interests of your business and ensuring your products are of the highest quality.

ElementTechniqueInstrumentReference Method
Total FeTitrationMetrohm TitrandoISO 2597
Metallic FeTitrationMetrohm TitrandoISO 16878
MgOICP/XRFThermo ICAP/AxiosISO 9516-1
SiO2Gravimetric/ICP/XRFThermo ICAP/AxiosISO 9516-1
CaOICP/XRFThermo ICAP/AxiosISO 9516-1
Al2O3ICP/XRFThermo ICAP/AxiosISO 9516-1
PICP/XRFThermo ICAP/AxiosISO 9516-1
MoistureGravimetric105 C OvenISO 3087
Sieve AnalysisGravimetricRotapISO 4701
Crushing Strength of PelletsLoad CellASTM E382
ISO 1400
Abrasion Resistance of PelletsGravimetricTumblerASTM E382
ISO 3271

With multiple locations across the United States, it’s easier than ever to have McCreath Laboratories perform sample testing for your business. If you have a sample you would like us to test, fill out our sample form. To learn more about our services, you can use our contact form today.