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Ferromanganese (FeMn) is an essential alloy for the foundry and steelmaking industries. Primarily, this alloy contains manganese, which has several purposes.

The steelmaking industry uses 70% of the manganese it consumes as an alloying element because it enhances key mechanical properties like strength and toughness. This sector uses the other 30% for its deoxidant and sulfide former properties. As a sulfide former, manganese combines with sulfur, but it does not form iron sulfides. This process creates improved strength because these iron sulfides can lead to surface cracks in hot temperatures.

You must send your comprehensive sample to a professional to protect your investment or reputation and ensure that your ferromanganese sample contains the correct amount of each element.

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ElementTechniqueInstrumentReference Method
MnTitrationMetrohm TitrandoASTM E248
CCombustionLECO CS 744ASTM E1019
SCombustionLECO CS 744ASTM E1019
PICPThermo ICAPIn house
NInert Gas FusionLECO CS 744ASTM E1019
AsICPThermo ICAPIn house
SnICPThermo ICAPIn house
PbICPThermo ICAPIn house
CrICPThermo ICAPIn house