Manganese Ore Inspection Services

Manganese Ore Services

Manganese Ore is an oxide mineral composed of manganese, iron, and oxygen.  It is used for the production of alloys Ferro Manganese, Silico Manganese, and Manganese Metal.  The addition of manganese to steel is essential and irreplaceable in the production of steel.  Important non-metallurgical uses include battery cathodes, soft ferrites used in electronics, micronutrients in fertilizers, micronutrients in animal feed, water treatment chemicals, colorant for automobile undercoating, bricks, frits, glass, textiles, and tiles.  The product “manganese violet” is used for the coloration of plastics, powder coatings, artist glazes, and cosmetics.

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McCreath Laboratories will send trained, experienced technicians to take a represented sample for you.  Whether in bulk or containers, our technicians have the training, tools and experience to collect a representative sample, ensuring that all subsequent laboratory testing is accurate and reliable.  With our mobile crushing units, chrome ore (or chromite) can be partially processed on-site per the ISO and ASTM standards, increasing efficiency and reducing the amount of material taken off-site.

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McCreath Laboratories will employ both classical and advanced in-house techniques in the analysis of chrome ore.  The techniques have been verified through the use of certified reference materials and some are adopted directly from ASTM or ISO standards.  A typical ferrochrome analysis would be done as follows:

ElementTechniqueInstrumentReference Method
MnTitrationMetrohm TitrandoISO 4298/ASTM E248
MnO2/Avail O2TitrationMetrohm TitrandoASTM E465
MgOICP/XRFThermo ICAP/AxiosIn house
SiO2Gravimetric/ICP/XRFThermo ICAP/AxiosISO 5890
CaOICP/XRFThermo ICAP/AxiosIn house
FeTitration/XRFMetrohm TitrandoISO 7990
Al2O3ICP/XRFThermo ICAP/AxiosIn house
PICP/XRFThermo ICAP/AxiosIn house
MoistureGravimetric105 C OvenISO 42991
Sieve AnalysisGravimetricRotapISO 6230

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