Manganese Ore Testing Laboratory

What is Manganese Ore?

Manganese ore is an oxide mineral found in sedimentary rocks composed of manganese, iron and oxygen. In steel production, manganese ore is vital to create several essential alloys such as ferromanganese, silicomanganese and manganese metal. In addition to steel production, one can find manganese ore in battery cathodes and in fertilizer micronutrients. With such a wide variety of uses, it’s essential to perform manganese ore verification to ensure your materials will yield accurate results.

Manganese Ore Services

McCreath Laboratories will send trained staff to your work site to collect a sample of your manganese ore. With our mobile crushing units, we are able to reduce the amount of material we take off-site. As a full-service facility, our services include:

  • Laboratory services: Our manganese ore testing laboratory allows us to perform routine and non-routine testing at our facility, eliminating the costly and time-consuming need for outsourcing. Our expert teams will produce results quickly without compromising quality during these independent laboratory services.
  • Sampling: At McCreath Laboratories, we understand that accurate testing begins with precise samples. With more than 140 years of experience, our manganese ore sampling services are synonymous with excellence.
  • Inspections: Each assessment takes place with experienced personnel from our inspection services who have an in-depth knowledge of manganese ore.
  • Consulting: In addition to our testing services, McCreath Laboratories will provide guidance in designing sampling options and how to minimize business risks with professional consulting services.

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Learn More About Our Manganese Ore Services

McCreath Laboratories is an accredited, independent third party and will provide unbiased, accurate results. We understand that the results of your sample help ensure product quality and protect your business from potential risks and financial claims. With our services, you’ll know that you are meeting the qualifications of your contracts. Our team offers services for a variety of materials, such as solid fuel, coke, chrome, and silicon.

ElementTechniqueInstrumentReference Method
MnTitrationMetrohm TitrandoISO 4298/ASTM E248
MnO2/Avail O2TitrationMetrohm TitrandoASTM E465
MgOICP/XRFThermo ICAP/AxiosIn house
SiO2Gravimetric/ICP/XRFThermo ICAP/AxiosISO 5890
CaOICP/XRFThermo ICAP/AxiosIn house
FeTitration/XRFMetrohm TitrandoISO 7990
Al2O3ICP/XRFThermo ICAP/AxiosIn house
PICP/XRFThermo ICAP/AxiosIn house
MoistureGravimetric105 C OvenISO 42991
Sieve AnalysisGravimetricRotapISO 6230

We have multiple locations throughout the United States to ensure an efficient response to any service request. If you have a sample you would like to submit, complete our sample submission form, and our staff will promptly respond. To learn more about our services, contact us today.