Ferro Niobium

Ferro Niobium

Ferroniobium (FeNb), an alloy of about 65% niobium and 35% iron, is predominantly used as a microalloying agent in High-Strength, Low-Alloy (“HSLA”) steel. The addition of as little as one pound of ferroniobium in one ton of low-carbon steel facilitates grain refinement and precipitation hardening. Those changes greatly increase strength, fatigue resistance, and weldability of the steel.  Niobium delivers these benefits to the highest extent among all steel microalloying elements.

For a complete listing of ferrochrome specifications, see ASTM A505.

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McCreath Laboratories will send trained, experienced technicians to take a represented sample for you.  Whether in bulk or containers, our technicians have the training, tools and experience to collect a representative sample, ensuring that all subsequent laboratory testing is accurate and reliable.  With our mobile crushing units, ferroniobium in lump form can be partially processed on site per the ISO and ASTM standards, increasing efficiency and reducing the amount of material taken off-site.

Sample Analysis With McCreath Labs

McCreath Laboratories will employ both classical and advanced in-house techniques in the analysis of ferroniobium.  The techniques have been verified thru the use of certified reference materials and some are adopted directly from ASTM or ISO standards.  A typical ferroniobium analysis would be done as follows:

ElementTechniqueInstrumentReference Method
NbGravimetricN/AASTM E367
TaGravitmetricN/AASTM E367
CCombustionLECO CS 744ASTM E1019
MnICPThermo ICAPIn house
SiICPThermo ICAPIn house
AlICPThermo ICAPIn house
SnICPThermo ICAPIn house
PICPThermo ICAPIn house
SCombustionLECO CS 744ASTM E1019

For more information on the analysis of ferroniobium, contact us