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Bauxite is a sedimentary rock that serves as the world’s principal source of aluminum. It appears in many forms, from soft earth to solid rock. It includes aluminum hydroxide minerals like gibbsite, boehmite and diaspore. Other materials present are iron oxides, clay minerals and insoluble materials. Typically, the concentration of alumina is around 85%. Bauxite’s composition determines its refining conditions, as other materials may interfere with the refining process.

The main application of bauxite is processing the alumina to produce aluminum. Depending on the material’s composition, it must undergo different processing procedures, making testing necessary. Once refined, aluminum has applications across many industries, including planes, cars, electric wires and appliances. Raw bauxite material also has applications in building and road aggregates.

About Our Bauxite Testing Services

McCreath Laboratories provides independent material verification using various chemical and physical procedures to determine bauxite status and alumina concentration. Bauxite testing and analysis serve safety and quality assessment purposes. Technicians use mobile crushing units to collect small or bulk samples to bring to our facility. We are one of the few testing providers with a mobile vehicle, offering high-precision sampling.

Once at our facility, we begin testing the material using state-of-the-art instruments and methods like X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrophotometry. In addition, we use furnaces or thermogravimetric analyzers to determine loss on ignition. Our testing facilities include all the necessary equipment to perform tests according to high precision standards. During the testing procedure, technicians protect your investments and maintain quality. We especially consider impurities like silica as these may influence the refining process, causing the loss of alumina.

Beyond bauxite verification, our laboratories provide additional services like consulting and industrial material inspections. These services utilize the extensive experience and knowledge of our chemists, engineers and industry professionals to advance your operations.

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ElementTechnique InstrumentReference Method
AI203ICPThermo ICAPIn-House
CaOICPThermo ICAPIn-House
SiO2Gravimetric/ICPThermo ICAPIn-House
P2O5ICPThermo ICAPIn-House
Fe203ICP Thermo ICAPIn-House
TiO2ICPThermo ICAPIn-House
H20GravimetricOven In-House
Loss On IgnitionGravimetric Furnace In-House
Sieve Analysis GravimetricRotapIn-House