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Ferrochrome silicon (FeCrSi) is an alloy of silicon, iron and chrome. During the production process, equal amounts of silica and ore undergo a smelting process, which creates the alloy. Reducing silica to silicon requires a great deal of energy, and this smelting process consumes 7,6000 kilowatt-hours of energy per ton of product. FeCrSi should contain 38% to 42% and 0.1% carbon.

Manufacturers can use ferrochrome silicon as a deoxidizer in stainless steel production and as an intermediate material in low-carbon ferrochromium production.

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McCreath Laboratoriess has been in the analysis industry for over 140 years, so our team has the expertise to perform accurate and unbiased sampling services. We use the best tools in the industry to analyze your ferrochrome silicon sample. We use several distinct techniques — gravimetric, combustion, titration and inductively coupled plasma (ICP) — to analyze every element in your sample and ensure accurate results.

When you work with us for laboratory services, you receive an independent, credible report for every sample. The McCreath Laboratories team is the best at what we do, and we offer thorough inspections and consulting services, too. An expert in this field performs every test that comes through our lab.

Working with an unbiased third party ensures that you can buy or sell ferrochrome silicon with complete confidence in the product. If we find an issue with your sample, we can work with you to find a solution.

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If you want the best industry professionals to complete your ferrochrome silicon analysis, contact our team today or submit a sample form to give us more information about your representative sample. To make our services as convenient as possible, we have multiple locations across the U.S. Regardless of where you are, our credible sampling services are accessible.

ElementTechniqueInstrumentReference Method
CrTitrationMetrohm TitrandoASTM E363
SiGravimetricN/AASTM E360
CCombustionLECO CS 744ASTM E1019
SCombustionLECO CS 744ASTM E1019
PICPThermo ICAPIn house