Combining Technology & Classical Techniques



Our ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory is equipped to perform elemental analysis on an extensive array of naturally occurring raw materials, ferroalloys, coal and petroleum coke.


Utilizing state of the art instrumentation and a variety of classical techniques, McCreath Laboratories delivers accurate results, every time.


Laboratory analysis begins with responsible sampling.


With over 80 years of field experience, McCreath knows the importance of a representative, homogeneous sample.

​Leveraging ISO & ASTM Methods and decades of experience, you can be assured of a representative cross section.


Our inspection personnel function as nonpartisan observers during vessel loading or discharge.

Real time updates coupled with retrospective reports, provide pertinent information on stowage, handling and condition of cargoes.

With field offices throughout the United States and International Partnerships, we've got you covered.


Founded in 1877, McCreath Laboratories has a vetted track record of providing the highest quality data.

An extensive history, skilled Chemists and technological resources, has built a definitive resource for inspection, sampling, and analytical chemistry.

"The McCreath's are the umpires of the steel industry."

-Thomas Edison


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