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Reliability at Our Core

Founded in 1877, McCreath Laboratories has a vetted track record of providing the highest quality data. Our extensive history, skilled Chemists, and technological resources have built a definitive resource for inspection, sampling and analytical chemistry across a variety of industries. Partner with McCreath for dependable services from an accredited independent laboratory.

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Reliability at Our Core


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Inspecting, sampling and testing are critical processes when verifying a raw material’s composition and efficacy within the intended application. Choose McCreath to receive these comprehensive services from qualified personnel.

Accredited Testers With Experience in Your Industry

We follow strict guidelines to ensure our independent laboratory testing services comply with International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) requirements. Our adherence to ISO/IEC 17025, which prioritizes competence and impartiality, ensures we deliver accurate, timely test results with complete discretion regarding data control and information management.

We implement a top-down structure of accountability where leaders establish pragmatic testing, monitoring, verification and reporting processes. Our experienced testing personnel leverage actionable resources and strategies in industry-specific testing applications. You will receive valid test results on schedule so that your business can take the appropriate next steps.

The McCreath Laboratories Advantage

McCreath is a leading provider of independent elemental analysis services. We offer advantages that expedite testing processes while prioritizing accuracy, such as:

  • Accredited services: Testing your materials at an ISO-accredited laboratory backs your product with verification from diligent engineers and chemists.
  • Effective techniques: Our professionals use the best classical or instrumental methods for the situation.
  • Outside analysis: We maintain impartiality to promote accuracy and reliability.
  • Personal connections: We will connect you directly with a representative who understands our testing services and how they apply in your industry.
  • National reach: McCreath has offices in various parts of the United States, ensuring availability and responsiveness to many businesses.
  • Comprehensive capabilities: Our staff engages in each phase of laboratory material testing, including inspection, sampling and analysis.

Trusted by Partners in a Variety of Industries Across the U.S.

“We enjoy a sound professional relationship and quality service from McCreath.”

Andrew Wallace

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“The McCreath’s are the umpires of the steel industry.”
- Thomas Edison

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Our site is full of helpful information, whether you're new to our services or a long-time customer. Feel free to explore for more information or contact us directly with your questions regarding our industrial materials testing laboratory. Our team is always happy to help!