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Ferromolybdenum (FeMo) is an alloy that contains molybdenum and iron. Many manufacturers use it in other high-strength low alloys and stainless steels because of its versatility. Ferromolybdenum has various properties that make it ideal for multiple applications.

Ferromolybdenum can be used in tool steels, superalloy applications and cast irons. Overall, this alloy can improve a material’s weldability, ferrite strength and resistance to wear and corrosion. These improvements result in a more robust, durable material overall.

When buying, selling or using ferromolybdenum, you must verify that your sample is genuine, meets all necessary specifications, and will interact with other elements as expected. Keep your investment or reputation safe. Our ferromolybdenum sampling service ensures that your alloy is authentic.

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McCreath Laboratories provides efficient and accurate sampling services across the country. Our eight locations in the United States make our sampling services even more accessible. You can also submit a sample form online if you want our team to perform a ferromolybdenum analysis. You can learn more about our highly accredited range of services when you contact us today.

ElementTechniqueInstrumentReference Method
MoGravimetricN/AIMOA Equivalent
CCombustionLECO CS 744ASTM E1019
SiGravimetricN/AIn house
PICPThermo ICAPIn house
SCombustionLECO CS 744ASTM E1019
CuICPThermo ICAPIn house